Daily Beauty Tips

Daily Beauty Tips
Daily Beauty Tips
Keeping the skin beauty beautiful is no easy task. I learned first hand that your skin shows what you eat. Oily foods can produce oily skin if your skin is not already oily.

Eating fruit and vegetables also can help keep down acne; my three teenagers have learned this the hard way. The more junk food they ate the more they were seeing huge pimples on their face; when they cut back on their junk food and sodas their acne is low.

Hard winter months caused dry lips and a little bit of chapstick and/or gasoline will help avoid cracked lips.

I have been using cocoa butter on my face for over 5 years; however, after receiving a facial a month ago I learned how important sunscreen can be even for me as a black woman.

Also, keep the nails including the toes (shoes have to come off) trimmed and cleaned. Once a month soak your foot in your favorite bubble bath while watching your favorite movie with your girlfriends.

Finally, I would like to add that cuticles do not have to always get cut every time you visit your nail tech; just push back, and wiped away with wet clothing.

I don’t wear much makeup but makeup also helps protect against sun-damage, especially if you use sunscreen protection under your make-up. Many women used make-up over and over again without discarded old make-up which may cause breakouts and irritation on the skin.

Makeup should be replaced frequently to avoid contamination. Use q-tips for brushes to apply eyeshadow and/or other make-ups. Purchase sponges for the foundation at your convenience store.

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Source by Vernadine Kornegay

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