3 recommendations on the way to Look Ten Years Younger

3 recommendations on the way to Look Ten Years Younger

First Tip concerns Easy to Use Skin Care to stay Skin Supple and Moisturized

You will find suggestions on how to take care of dry skin, rash or eczema with a simple oatmeal pack. Learn also how to relieve tired and puffy eyes or whiten your smile with a touch of baking soda and strawberries.

Second Tip concerns following a Best Health and Beauty Plan

In this section packed with helpful suggestions, you will find out how to combine a healthy diet, a simple exercise program and vitamin supplements can keep you young and vigorous for many yeas to come.

Most of us know that to keep fit and healthy we need 3 things:

– a good diet

– an exercise routine

– vitamins and supplements (if we are not getting the right kind of vitamins and minerals)

If you are keen to burn your excess body fat fast using a simple exercise routine, read about the Each Other Day Diet (EODD) that explains how to burn off your own body fat and keep it off by combining the right food types. I wrote about this in another one of my articles “Burn Fat Fast with the Each Other Day Diet.”

Third tip is that the right Minerals and Antioxidants help maintain a youthful glow

You probably know that eating the right foods can increase the intake of antioxidants that are useful for combating free radicals. But perhaps you have never heard of a little known mineral called Indium to help combat aging and chronic fatigue.

Another powerful antioxidant is an element called “Geranium” which is contained in those beautiful flowers that adorn most balconies in the summer. Well you may be surprised to know that this simple element acts as on oxygen nutrient that is vital for living. It is considered to be one of the necessary elements for optimal nutritional health.

As i discussed , as we grow old our bodies need extra attention and care to take care of a youthful and healthy radiance. within the book, “MUST KNOW, Answers, Secrets and recommendations on Women’s Health and Beauty” by Ann Sandretto you’ll find:- Easy to use homemade recipes for Health and Beauty Tips – Suggestions about the Best Health and Beauty Plan – FAQ’s Antioxidants and Minerals that help to keep optimal nutritional health.

These are just a few tips about creating the right lifestyle to optimize good health and well-being as we get older. These suggestions have been developed over the years by health professionals and beauty practitioners so they are well worth a try.

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