The Manufacturing Process Of Silver Jewelry

The Manufacturing Process Of Silver Jewelry

Let us begin by informing you about the items required for making ornaments from this shiny grey precious metal. One device without which making silver ornaments is impossible is the binding wire, a device required during soldering and casting of the metal. The next equipment needed during the manufacturing process is pliers. Pliers of various kinds are required for crafting silver ornaments; these include flat-nosed pliers, round nosed pliers, half-rounded pliers, and serrated edged pliers. of these pliers are used for completing jobs like holding the metal, bending it, and crafting different shapes out of it.

The tool bag of a silver jewelry maker also contains files of different types; examples include large half-rounded files, needle files, etc. Files are primarily needed for cleaning the inner walls of silver ring shanks. One should also need ball peen hammers for crafting ornaments of different kinds out of this precious metal. These hammers are required for tapping narrow joints and silver pins into shape. You cannot make ornaments without a jeweler’s saw; these saws can be of different grades (for instance, grade 4/0, 0/1, and so on). The next item that is an integral part of this jewelry-making process is the soldering torch. Some other items that you will need for crafting silver ornaments are borax cone and block dish, charcoal, vise, insulated tweezers, titanium soldering sticks, etc.

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Step 1: First, you will need to cut the metal according to your requirements. Next, use the nose pliers to give the piece of metal the desired shape.

Step 2: For pieces with attachments (for instance a ring or a pendant with gemstones), craftsmen need to shape one or more additional pieces. These additional pieces get attached to the original metal body by means of a process called soldering.

Step 3: To remove the waste material from silver, place the jewelry in a warm pickling solution. When the process is complete, wash it carefully with water.

The above discussion surely does not provide you with all the details of the actual jewelry making process. However, it surely gives you an idea about how precious metals are dealt with when making ornaments. To know more, you will have to attend training classes.

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