What Is ‘925’ Silver Jewelry?

What Is '925' Silver Jewelry?

How will you know that you are buying a ‘925’ jewelry? Identifying items made from this sturdy alloy is extremely easy. Every piece made from it will have either ‘ster’, ‘sterling’, or ‘925’ engraved on it. However, still, you should test the product well before purchasing it. This is because there are some retailers who claim to sell 925 jewelries, but actually provide customers with pieces made from alloys containing less than 92.5% pure silver. For testing the metal, first, you will have to scuff an inconspicuous area of the piece. Now, put 1 or two drops of aqua fortis to the scuffed area; if it’s not a ‘925’ jewelry, the treated area will turn black or green. On the opposite hand, if the piece is formed from alloy , the scuffed area will get a cream color. you’ll never got to perform such tests if the things are purchased from reliable and esteemed jewelers or stores.

One question that must surely be bothering you is how to take care of these ornaments, particularly if you have no prior experience of using any such piece. As these jewelry contain a combination of pure silver and copper, they get tarnished easily. The only way of preventing tarnishing of these attractive pieces is by keeping them in specially treated containers/bags; these bags are instrumental in delaying tarnishing of ‘925’ ornaments. Almost every top retailer offering these pieces provides buyers with such bags.

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Are you wondering what you should do with ornaments that have already been tarnished? Making these pieces tarnish-free will not make you work hard. You will only need to have the cloth specially made for cleaning sterling silver (most stores selling jewelry will have it in their collection). Rub the tarnished areas of the ornament gently with the cloth to get rid of stains.

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