7 Characteristics of Successful Women Leaders

7 Characteristics of Successful Women Leaders

What is it that successful woman leaders have that other leaders do not have? There are some characteristics that set them apart and also seem to be instrumental in making them successful at what they do. Most of these characteristics can be learned or modeled. As you read through this list think about the skills you have in each area. Also believe how you would possibly gain some more skill in each of the areas. you’ll use this text as a spring board to launching yourself into success also.

  1. Vision. Successful women leaders have vision. They have both a personal vision for themselves and a vision for their business. They set goals that are aligned with their values and work towards those goals consistently. They use their values as rudders to guide their decisions and to keep them on track. Their visions are clearly articulated and shared with others so everyone can take part in creating the reality around them.
  2. Communication. Successful women leaders have good communication skills. They are excellent listeners. They truly hear what other people are saying to them and they respond appropriately. They tell people what they need to know in clear and compelling words. Their communications are frequent and to the point. People always know where they stand and what is expected of them.
  3. Strength of character. Successful women leaders have strength of character. They live in integrity. They leaded from their authentic selves. Personal values are strongly held and they guide these leaders’ decisions and actions. They know what they want and they stand up for what they think is right.
  4. Emotional intelligence. Successful women leaders have an abundance of emotional intelligence. They are very self-aware and in tune with their own emotions and the emotions of other people. They live their lives respectfully and are also aware of how their words and actions impact the people and things around them.
  5. Relationship building. Successful women leaders are great at relationship building. They work at it. Maintaining and building strong relationships is an integral part of what they do on a daily and weekly basis. They understand that business runs on relationships and that strong relationships build commitment.
  6. Visibility.Successful women leaders maintain the appropriate amount of visibility. They lead by example and serve as role models for other people. They are intentional about what they say and do keeping in mind their impact and influence on the world around them.
  7. Principled leadership. Successful women leaders engage in principled leadership. They are crystal clear on their values and the principles on which they act as a leader. They do not waiver from their principles and their values no matter what the situation.

Source by Lynn Banis

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