How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Are made from Smart Women

How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Are made from Smart Women

Calling all enterprising women. this text is for you! No, it is not about feminine products or brassieres. (Whew! Aren’t you relieved?) this text shows you ways to urge SMART and become successful entrepreneurs.

The SMART acronym tells you how to function at optimal levels as a woman entrepreneur. It helps you streamline your responsibilities, take charge of your time and resources, and hone your focus so it’s sharper than Freddy Kruger’s manicure. (We could say his “fingernails” since we’re in the South but “manicure” sounds oh so much more refined!)

So, what does one need to do to urge SMART? Here are your SMART steps to success:

S = Simplify, Single-minded. Take an honest assessment of yourself and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Then jump on in and start out on your newest (ad)venture!

As women, we are notorious multi-tasking. We need to unlearn that! Let me repeat, we need to STOP MULTI-TASKING and instead be single-minded. You can’t do everything for everyone, hon, and still have time to fulfill your dream of owning a successful business.

M = Market Research. You must must must (yes, doll, that’s three emphatic “musts”) do market research BEFORE you create your business. Go to to conduct a brief email survey or interview your friends and family in person.

I did that…with an eight-page survey. I went the old-fashioned paper survey route and got back all but one survey filled out. Yes, ALL EIGHT PAGES from over sixty people!

You want to know how? Chocolate! I handed out each survey with a dark chocolate bar and a note saying “Thank you in advance for helping me have success. I want to know what you think and can’t wait to hear back from you!”

Check out your competition too. Determine what you can do for others that is unique. What holes do you see in what the competition offers? Then ask yourself “Is there a market for this?” and “Is there a market that will PAY for this?” (a critical question that many folks overlook in their start-up enthusiasm). Ask yourself “Where are they? Are they the kind of people I want to serve?”

I figured something essential out just two years ago. Take it from my V-8 moment: The people you love to serve are versions of you! Don’t focus on every Joe and Joel you meet–just on those people you most enjoy serving. And yes, hon, they have lots in common with you which is why you LIKE each other!

A = Ask for help! Let me say that again for all the misguided do-it-yourself out there. Ask for help. You may think you’re an Amazon but you’re not! You need to ask for help.

Every woman entrepreneur needs an adviser, a smart-as-a-whip tax adviser, a PR manager, a web designer, and a copywriter or editor. Hard to even CONSIDER getting all this help? You don’t cut your own hair, do you, doll? Look, you’re outsourcing already!

The only chore I do these days is laundry–and I’m even contemplating giving that up. Do you want your legacy to be a spic and span bathroom floor or a kick-a#&s business, girlfriend? I’ll take the business for a million, Alex. What about you?

Source by Dr Barnsley Brown

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