Successful Relationship Tips – How to Get a Man to Commit

Successful Relationship Tips
Successful Relationship Tips

Being in a successful relationship with the right guy is every woman’s dream. The problem is that not everyone who desires to have it happens to find it. Reason: Not every man who enters a relationship is willing to take commitments. Now, this article, based on Rori Raye’s lessons and personal relationship experiences will give you some tips on how to get a man to commit.

Rori Raye is a trained relationship coach who was able to save her own marriage and now happily living with her husband for more than 2 decades. She wants to share to all other women the secrets to having a successful and happy relationship. Her tips on how to get a man to commit are proven effective by some reviews done by women who were able to read her blogs and book.

Rori Raye’s Tips: Get a man to commit

Normally, a woman enjoys the care and affection that her man is giving her not wondering if these moves mean commitment. That is a wrong and immature action. If a man gives a woman so much care, affection and attention, the woman must then wonder what he will do next because these actions that he shows may not always mean he is ready for commitment. If you have been dating for so long exclusively but the man is still not moving forward to the next level which is to commit, you are having a problem.

A letter sender named Jennie wrote to Rori about her experience with his partner for more than 7 years who did not seem to move forward into a commitment. In return, Rori gave her some words on how to get a man to commit. She said that all relationships must move forward-from dating, to exclusively dating, to engagement and then marriage.

One important thing to do to get him to commit is to not attach your whole self, life and time to him. Rori shared a story to Jennie. It is about her friend who stayed with her man for 5 years before he proposed to her. Yes, she stayed with him but was also able to open herself to other men and other things (not related to men) that are important to her. It made her feel more comfortable and became less desperate.

Then, the man, who is now his husband, finally realized that she was whom he wanted to spent his whole life with– he married her.

Rori Raye also left a thought on how to get a man to commit. She said, “No man should feel like he’s the man of your choice, he is the ONE, or that you are just seeing him. Not ’til he is committed.”

Commitment is not something to ask for. It is something the man must be willing to offer to the woman he loves. You can speak your truth, you can tell what you feel, but you are not doing it to beg or ask. You are doing it to honor yourself and declare your worth.

Choose the best words you can use to not put pressure to him. You get a man to commit to have the relationship you have always been dreaming of.

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