Tips For Women – The 9 Most Important Things Every Woman Must Know & Do

Tips For Women
Tips For Women

I have written hundreds of articles and blog entries, and in my opinion, each one contains extremely important information and helpful tips. However, comparatively, the advice contained within this article is far more important than any other topic I have ever written about! If women understood, believed, and implemented these principles, our very society would change forever; for the influence of a woman touches, impacts, and changes each of our lives. That is how strongly I feel about these 9 important tips below. From little girls to teenagers, young women to grandma’s, daughters and sisters, married or single women, and especially mother’s everywhere – my hope is that you will not only recognize the significance of these principles, but understand the impact you can have on men and people everywhere if and when you implement them.

1) Don’t Become Like Men: Every woman was born with innate qualities and natural abilities that men simply don’t have. Be proud of and nurture these attributes, intuitions, talents, personalities, and desires. Be a woman, and realize you naturally are tender, gentle, nurturing, patient, thoughtful, unselfish, approachable, and loving. Unfortunately, all too often our culture convinces women that somehow being gentle, kind, or motherly is somehow inferior or not viewed as successful. Wrong! Women can still compete, lead, and be successful in the work place and anywhere without foregoing their womanly attributes. More importantly, never forget the positive influence a ‘woman’s touch’ can have on children, men, and society.

2) Are You Pornography: Generally speaking, men struggle much more with this modern slavery and addiction we call pornography. And yet, we continue to try and find solutions to the problem, without addressing the problem. Yes some solutions are good, such as: teaching men to control their thoughts and become more self-disciplined; attacking the porn industry; passing legislation; having pop-up blockers or ‘talks’ with our sons; etc. However, perhaps the solution to the problem is actually teaching our daughters and women everywhere not to dress, act like, and become pornography themselves. Unfortunately, the reality is that pornography, immodesty, and infidelity will continue to dominate our culture and media – because it makes money. But that is no excuse for any woman to justify immodesty, virtue, and purity simply because the masses are doing it or because it pays well.

3) True Beauty: True beauty is not found in the reflection of a mirror, it comes to those who seek to be honest, happy, and pure. And yet our culture engrains into the minds of women everywhere that to be beautiful, one must load their face with makeup, benefit from plastic surgery, and be as immodest and immoral. The word ‘hot’ has unfortunately replaced the word ‘beautiful’ – and not only do they have completely different definitions, one connotes selfish lustfulness, while the other radiates goodness, purity, unselfishness, and true happiness. With that said, please don’t get me wrong – I feel it is extremely important for every woman to seek to be ‘beautiful.’ They need to do their hair, put makeup on, wear nice clothes, and seek to be attractive; but, ensure in so doing that they are becoming truly ‘beautiful’ – and not just ‘hot.’

4) Is the TV a Babysitter and Influencer: To you mothers – how much time do your children spend in front of the TV? To women everywhere – how much time do you spend in front of the TV? An honest answer to these important questions will reveal much about ours and our children’s character, and who it is being shaped by. Children need mothers, love, and attention – not electronics! Thus, turn off the TV a little more and make time for your children. Lastly, to women everywhere – perhaps one of the greatest solutions to overcoming the self-esteem issues, eating disorders, gossiping habits, comparing and worrying, and unhealthy images of worth and beauty that every woman struggles and deals with would be solved if they turned off the TV and put down the magazines a little more often.

5) Be Yourself … Don’t Be Plastic: Be proud of, content with, and confident in who you are. Women everywhere need to stop picking up the magazines, looking at the advertisements, and watching the TV shows and movies and comparing themselves to these models and actors. Usually, the majority of these models, actors, and women in the magazines and on TV are all fake and plastic anyway. They load their faces with make-up, have countless plastic surgery’s or excess weight removed, stand under perfect lighting, and then the company air brushes the photo/picture anyway to make them look even more beautiful (fake and unnatural). I know it is easier said than done, but happy is the woman who can be proud of and confident in who they are, and not compare themselves to other women – whether it is the woman on the magazine cover or the neighbor down the street.

6) Put Family First & Develop Character: Success in life should not be determined by the amount of education we obtain, the cars we drive, the achievements in our career, the awards won, the house we own, the friends or connections we have, or the clothes we wear. True success should be measured by the attributes we develop, the person we become, and the people we help. Thus, no matter what a woman accomplishes or obtains, it means nothing if she fails in her own person life, in her home, or with her family.

7) Be Educated & Contribute to the World: With everything that has been said, let me be clear about one thing – in all of this important advice to women, in no way am I suggesting that women should be bare foot, changing diapers, cooking meals, doing laundry, confined to the house, and thus ignorant to the world. Quite the contrary! Although family and children should most certainly be the priority, women should and must also be involved, educated, leaders, and contributors to society. Whether a stay at home mother, a teenage daughter, an elderly woman, or a woman in the work force – women have value, brains, skills, ideas, and talents that must be shared to benefit communities, businesses, minds, nations, families and mankind.

8) Demand That Men Treat You Respectfully: Regardless of what our culture and the media portray, and despite the fact that men generally have stopped treating women like women, this does not negate the fact that you are a woman who deserves respect. While men must do better about treating women with respect in their thoughts, words, and actions – women can also do more in demanding this proper respect in an appropriate way. It starts with you personally respecting yourself, your body, your virtues, and your natural – and wonderful – womanly attributes. And then it continues by demanding that men not treat you like a sexual object, but as a woman to be loved and respected.

9) Stop Gossiping, Comparing, & Worrying: Easier said than done, right! However, this vitally important advice is one of the key ingredients to experiencing happiness as a woman. This is an ability and attribute that is certainly not developed overnight, and it takes effort; but, the moment you can stop gossiping with and about others, comparing yourself to other women, and worrying about things out of your control (or things not needing to be worried about) – it is then you will experience real peace, limited stress, self-worth, and true happiness.

Again, never forget that true beauty in a woman is not found in the reflection of a mirror, it comes only to those who seek to be honest, happy, and pure. Each of the principles described above essentially communicate this same message – that character is far more important than appearance. Should this suggest that women thus need not worry about their appearance? Absolutely not! Women must make an effort to exercise, eat healthy, be educated, be involved, be informed, and be beautiful also. But they should also remember that purity and modesty is far more attractive than excessive make up, immoral actions, and revealing clothing. They should realize that in most cases, surgical procedures to enhance or tuck (or whatever) not only communicate that plastic is more beautiful than purity, but that self-worth is determined by appearance and the opinions of others rather than an inner confidence of who God created us to be. They should also realize that being educated and informed is far more important than wasting time in gossip and celebrity magazines. And perhaps most importantly, women everywhere should never forget the absolute honor, necessity, and beauty of being a mother, wife, daughter, and woman who radiates self-confidence, happiness, and purity!

Source by Matthew Toone

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