What Would You Do If You Ran the World? By Shelly Rachanow

You Ran the World
You Ran the World

Sometimes a small book can prove to be more enriching than hefty volumes. What Would You Do If You Ran The World? By Shelly Rachanow is such a book. It inspires, encourages, and urges women to take action to do better by themselves, by their loved ones, by their community, and by the world. Encouraging people to get involved is a relentless task, but the creative way the author offers her ideas should motivate even the most apathetic people by starting them with working on themselves and gradually advancing their ambitions.

The book has four major sections:

o What would you do…for yourself?

o What would you do…for your loved ones?

o What would you do…for your community?

o What would you do…for the World?

Each section has examples of the achievements of women and encouraging witty quotes by very important people like Mother Theresa. In the first section, after Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote of “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” the author encourages women with: Take her advice and stop consenting to being overworked, used, abused, dumped on… Afterwards, a quote from Oprah Winfrey, which tells women to do something so daring even they can’t believe they are doing it, leads to “awesome ideas in action” and a “My Opinion Rocks” pledge for women to print and sign.

Doing…for-loved-ones section starts with an inspiring ten-item list, followed by examples of what women did and could do in that category, including an “I accept your choices” promise, leading to love’s brave, beautiful and brilliant inspiration, such as what Dana Reeve has done for Christopher Reeve.

The third section, too, has a ten-item list of doing things for the community and volunteering, followed by ideas, motivating stories, quotations, and a pact to make one’s community a better place. Fourth section, too, follows the same pattern as the earlier three sections, and all sections include recommendations for noteworthy websites.

Although, at first reading, the ideas inside this book may feel highly idealistic, they are doable, and each experience story challenges and encourages the readers. The successes of women are uplifting and encouraging.

What Would You Do If You Ran The World? has a blue cover and 160 pages. It is published by the Conari Press in February 2009 with ISBN-10: 1573243582 and ISBN-13: 978-1573243582.

Shelly Rachanow is a graduate of George Washington University and Emory University School of Law. She lives in Los Angeles, California. The success of her first book If Women Ran the World… gave her the encouragement for this book. She has a blog in MySpace under the title ifawomanranthecountry. She is also in LinkedIn and Facebook.

The most significant concept in this book is the challenge for women to take charge in improving themselves and the world. Nothing else can be more important than that.

Source by Joy Cagil

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